4weeks-old     chicks in feed trough



It is vitally important if you do not want to wade through the longer version that you  at least make sure you have the basics.

  1. You need to do all the basic vaccines, which are compulsory by law.
  2. You need to make sure you know each vaccine, what it does, why you need it, and how to apply it.
  3. You need to ensure you have staff reliable enough to do the job, or do it yourself.
  4. You need to ensure the vaccine you use has been stored correctly from the time it left the depot to your farm gate, and also ensure it is not expired. If you are using inert vaccination via injection, make sure the vaccine has a late expiry date so that you do not have to use it all in a week…common trick suppliers use to get rid of stock which is near expiry date.
  5. You need to ensure you do not use more than one vaccine at a time, exception being the combination IB/ND and others. Wait seven days between vaccines. PLEASE.

Your basic vaccines would be: FOR LAYERS:

  1. IB/ND Hitchner at seven days.
  2. Gumboro (IBD) at 12 days
  3. IB/ND La Sota at four weeks
  4. MG at five weeks and again at 15 weeks.

These are the absolute basics that will avoid trouble later on. If your birds are slaughter birds there are specific ND vaccines which can be recommended by your suppliers. (Phone IMMUNOVET in Pietermaritzburg or Johannesburg).


This is for KZN, but I am sure Johannesburg has an address as well and you will be re directed.

The IB/ND vaccines mentioned as live vaccines are water based and need to be diluted in water. A 20 litre bucket with a vial of 1000 doses is usually enough to do 200 week old babies. Mix with unchlorinated water, and mix in a tablespoon of milk powder to stabilize the vaccine. Make sure babies are really thirsty and that they have no other water source available. They must drink all the vaccine if possible. Leave 24 hours and remove any left over vaccine. Keep the unopened vials in your fridge until use. Do not freeze.

Gumboro or IBD (Infectious Bursal Disease) is also water based.

Oil based injectable vaccines need to be injected at a rate of 0,5 ml per chick sub cutaneous, that is just under the skin, between the wings is best. Use a 20 gauge needle one half inch in length. Immunovet can advise.

One bottle of 500ml is 1000 doses.



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